Did You Know?

Did you know that the lowly crowbar and the cabriole leg have the same origin?

Mill House Antiques Game Table

Did you that the lowly crowbar and the cabriole leg have the same origin?

Originally, the term pied-de-biche referred to the curved leg of a table or chair that ended in a hoof. The term literally means doe’s foot. However, overtime the term has come to mean crowbar and cabriole. In fact, at the start of the 18th century, cabinetmakers began to refine their craft by dispensing with stretchers and straight legs and introducing the cabriole leg with a plethora of foot designs from hoofs to ball and claw.

Take this exquisite George III game table, constructed of solid Cuban mahogany and inlaid with satinwood. Its highly carved and decorated cabriole legs ending in ball and claw feet are not only a superb example of the evolution of the cabinetmaker’s skills in the 18th century, it can only be discovered at Mill House Antiques. More than an ordinary experience.

Did You Know?

Did you know that these dressers are often referred to as bachelor chests?


Did you know that small chests of drawers are often called bachelor chests? In the 18th century, single men did not possess much and what they did possess did not require much storage space—thus, the advent of the bachelor chest.  However, these chests offered more than just storage for trousers, pants, shirts and collars.  In fact, they served a multitude of purposes for the man about town.

With early versions, bachelors could fold over the top and rest it on lopers — the slides that pulled out from the chest. Et voilà, the bachelor had a writing surface.  Over time, these chests incorporated a brush slide upon which a young, fashionable gent could tend to his clothes as well as conduct correspondence.

This fine example of a bachelor chest sports such a slide. Well proportioned and immaculately appointed with string inlay, the bachelor who owned this chest wanted only the finest. And so should you. Find this bachelor chest as well as other fine examples only at Mill House Antiques. More than an ordinary experience.