Did You Know?

Did You Know?


Knole Settee, Mill House Antiques

Did you know that 57% of Downton Abbey’s Facebook Fans are from the US and only 13% are the from UK?

Did you also know that the red sofa that is often at the center of comings and goings in Downton’s library is called a Knole settee or sofa?  It is so named for the Knole House in Kent, which first summoned its construction.  Originally, the Knole settee was a monarch’s throne.  With its high sides and back, a monarch would be protected by the nasty drafts that filled the halls of these great manors.  And when it was time for a royal nap, the tassels over the corner finials could be removed and the sides folded down for a power 30.  Indeed, the Knole settee certainly gave the occupier a sense of grandeur.  No wonder, Lord Crawley is often found quietly nestled in his Knole settee in the library.

While not everyone can claim heir to an ancestral home, one can certainly lay claim to this magnificent Knole Settee that can only be discovered at Mill House Antiques.

Designers – contact us for a personal tour of new items.  203.263.3446 or info@millhouseantiquesandgardens.com

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