Did You Know?

Did you know?

Wine Cellaret from Mill House Antiques

Did you know that a cellaret or wine cooler was quite an important piece of furniture? For those who had not yet acquired an Adam sideboard, where the wine could be stored in a pedestal cupboard, a cellaret served as an essential place to store wine once it was removed from the cellar but not yet not ready for pouring. Since the wines were often chilled prior to their pouring, cellarets were lined with a lead liner to contain the ice and its melt. The size and design of cellarets varied widely from open oval designs to octagonal shaped ones with covers. Most were on legs, which is why today they function wonderfully as end or side tables.

Take this handsome cellaret in burl walnut sitting atop cabriole legs ending in pad feet. While its lead liner has long disappeared, this cellaret itself can still be discovered at Mill House Antiques.

Mill House Antiques and Gardens. More than an ordinary experience.

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