Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Some chests were married from the start…

Have you ever come across a chest of drawers that had a top half and a bottom half?  And did you wonder why the chest was in two parts?

Well, these chests are quite often referred to as Attic Chests.  They were specifically made for the rooms on the upper level of an estate where the stairwells were much steeper and narrower than the grand staircases that greeted guests on the lower floors.  Without the ability to split the chests, the lucky individuals who inhabited the upper levels of these estates would have been forced to hang their clothes on nails in the walls.

Fortunately a clever cabinet maker came to their rescue.  And fortunately for us, we have a beautiful chest circa 1820 that has survived the demands of daily use and the many trips up and down the narrow stairs where it made its home.  This handsome mahogany chest with oval brass pulls will make any room rich with its warm patina and fine proportions.

Visit Mill House Antiques to view our collection >

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